"Scars of the past" is the cover/first chapter of the "Onward" series. With the chapter being twenty-one pages long.

The wolf on the cover is Meya.


The chapter opens up with Meya lying in a field playing with a butterfly. She starts to get hungry and tries to sleep it off until she sees a rabbit. Meya tries to catch it, only for it to run into a thorn bush. She starts to walk away when a group of crows came out of the bush along with a scream, she looks at the bush and starts to go into it, thinking that rabbit must have been killed.

She starts to walk into the thorn bush, only to step on a thorn. When she goes to pull the thorn out, it turns out that she didn't step on a thorn after all, but in a puddle blood instead. She finds the rabbit, dead, with a long cut on its side. Meya starts to freak out about finding the dead rabbit, thinking that whatever killed it might be there still, before unknown wolf yells at her for stealing their prey. She tells them that she had no intention of stealing it in the first place, along with the fact that they were in her territory, she asks them to leave. The creature then scratches her leg, causing her to fall to the ground immediately. She gets up and slashes the wolves left eye with her teeth, causing the wolf to run away. She limps out of the area, with her leftover blood turning blue. Meya coughs up some blood and looks at it in terror, getting a mini flashback to it. She tells herself that it won't end in the same way again, that she would find a cure for it. She walks into the distance and looks for a place to sleep.

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Les cicatrices du Passé


Шрамы прошлого